Maat asks the international community to address hate speech and stop the financing of terrorism

After the bloody New Zealand incident

Today, a terrible terrorist incident happened in New-Zealand, which resulted in dozens of casualties during Friday prayers. Maat for peace, development and human rights describes that as a horrible incident by all standards, especially in a country known by calm and peace.

In the context of the Maat’s concern to spread the culture of peace, tolerance, and non-violence, Maat urges the international community to strongly address hate speech at all levels. As well, in conjunction with the attendance of Maat’s delegation the activities of the Human Rights Council held in Geneva, it calls on the United Nations to condemn hate practices, anti-immigrant sentiment. Especially, as our world can no longer bear more blood.

Maat asks the international community to unite towards a new mechanism which counters terrorism and to prevent its financing. As well as to intensify efforts to discourage hate speech and Islamophobia. The foundation asserts that terrorism doesn’t belong to a specific religion or to specific homeland. It is no longer acceptable that terrorism be linked to Islam, as it is completely innocent of it. The time has come for unity that stands in the face of terrorism at all levels.

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