“Mohammad Rasool Allah (PBUH)” music album by Payam Azizi to be unveiled on Nov. 11 in Tehran

Mansour Jahani – Teleghraph : “The Mohammad Rasool Allah (PBUH)” music album  featured and composed by acclaimed Iranian singer Payam Azizi and arranged by Fardin Lahorpur  will be unveiled on November 11, 2019.

The music album would be unveiled in a ceremony organized by music center of Hozeh Honari on the occasion of Unity Week of Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iran.

“Mohammad Rasool Allah (PBUH)” music album which is multiple languages inducing Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish has been recorded in City Sound Studio by Omid Nikbin in Tehran.

“Mohammad Rasool Allah (PBUH)” music album has been composed by Azizi since the last four years and is comprised of 11 tracks including “Mula Sal-e Va Sal”, “Sheidam”, “Darde Hejran”, “Salatol Allah, Salam Allah”, “Mohammad Rasool Allah (PBUH)”, “Ey Panahe Asian Soyat Panah Avardeam”, “Tal ‘ol Badr Alayna”, “Allah Allah Ya Allah”, “Ma Mahram-e Soltanim”, “Allah Allah”  and “Habib Ya Rasol Allah”.

So far, Azizi has released seven music albums including “Ba Qodsian”, “Labbiek”, “Payam Asheqan”, “Maleka”, “Court (Bargaah)”, ‘Seroki Dill” and “Khorshid-e Mastan.”

The pre-sell of the digital music album has been started in several music sites including Beeptunes.com, ritmo.ir, navaak.com and the its physical edition would be distributed by several distributer companies including “Raha” and Javan”.

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