Stop looking down on television actors: Ankita Lokhande hits back at Shibani Dand

Hitting back at actor-presenter and Farhan Akhtar’s girlfriend Shibani Dandekar for her Instagram post ‘in response to the grotesque letter written by Ankita Lokhande’, the Pavitra Rishta actor put up a long note on her social media account along with a photo with the words #proudtobeatelevisionactor written on it.

In her note, Ankita, who had on Wednesday issued a clarification note in response to which Shibani had called her out, wrote that she has been working in the small screen and Bollywood for almost 17 years and didn’t understand why would someone seek ‘2 seconds of fame’ at the behest of a late friend and a person who she had been in a relationship with for almost a decade.

Taking to Instagram, Ankita wrote, “2 seconds of fame” “This phrase got me thinking today. Coming from a tier 2 city and belonging to a humble background, I had no fancy education to show for myself. I entered the television industry in the year 2004 with a show called Zee Cine Star Ke Khoj. But my real journey began in 2009 with the show “PAVITRA RISHTA” which went on till 2014. I would be doing an injustice if I don’t mention that it was among one of the best shows for 6 consecutive years with the highest GEC TRP on television till date.” She continued, “Fame is only a byproduct of the love and warmth that an actor receives from the masses. Along with all the viewers, I, too still feel connected to the character of “ARCHANA”. Both, my fate and the people have been kind enough to me shower their blessings and love upon me. The aspiration of an actor trying to portray as many different roles and characters as possible, led me to explore. Luckily, I got the opportunity to work in Manikarnika as well as Baghi 3.”

In her note, while concluding, Ankita asked Shibani to stop looking down at television actors. Shibani had described Ankita’s earlier letter as ‘grotesque’ to which the Manikarnika star responded by saying, “Stop looking down on we television actors, if that was your reason for describing my words as ‘GROTESQUE’ .”

Ankita concluded her note stating she was a proud television actor.

She wrote, “To conclude, I have been an ACTOR in Television & Bollywood for the past 17 years & now, when I am trying to support justice for my late friend, a view has been expressed that I am seeking JUSTICE because I need 2 seconds of fame and cheap publicity! I cannot fathom as to why any person would take such a stand. Is it because I have worked mostly on television and not in Bollywood? Is that why you would take a stand for the person with whom you have had a relationship for almost a decade? Stop looking down on we television actors, if that was your reason for describing my words as ‘GROTESQUE’ . It takes an equal amount of hard work and dedication for the actors in the television industry as it would take in Bollywood. I am proud to be a television actor. And if not for anything, I shall always raise my voice for the people I love and care about. #proudtobeatelevisionactor #WarriorsRoar4SSR #justiceforsushant.”

Earlier, Shibani called out Ankita and deemed her as a “princess of patriarchy” while suggesting that she hasn’t dealt with her relationship issues with Sushant. She also added that the actress has played a “major role in this ‘witch-hunt.”

Shibani wrote, “Such a grotesque letter by (Ankita). This princess of patriarchy who has never dealt with her own relationship issues with Sushant, clearly she wants her two seconds of fame and has capitalised on Rhea being targeted. She has played a major role in this ‘witch-hunt’ and she needs to be called out! She also just needs to shut the hell up. Enough Ankita! No one has more hate in their heart (?) than you.”

Replying to another comment on her Twitter account, Shibani said, “This woman clearly wants her 2 seconds of fame and has capitalised on Rhea being targeted because she has had never dealt with her own relationship issues with Sushant.. she has been the driving force behind this and she needs to be called out!”

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For the uninformed, the backlash for Ankita came just a little while after she posted an open letter and wrote, “When she very well knew about his mental state by publicly stating that he was in depression. Should she have allowed a depressed man to consume drugs? How is that going to help?”

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