Reem yasser writes :The ugly Nerd

In a world full of ” Labels” , we may lose ourselves , our destinations , and also our identities. I don’t know what the hell is going on nowadays , People are just labeling each other by silly names or by the characteristics they show as being nerd, black, fat , or a duff , it doesn’t matter what we use to label each other but it’s all about the danger of labeling each other. You have never know what a word can do to people lives or how words can impact others , In fact every word you say or every label you give to someone carry enormous weight. Actually more than you sometimes  think , you are just giving people one more reason to give up.

Years ago , I met a beautiful young girl , she was at the middle of teenage , maybe fifteen or sixteen years old , I found her crying in school’s bathroom , I asked her if she need help or something , she said ” leave me alone” , I didn’t know what she was going through at this moment but I felt that someone broke her heart , she was crying hysterically ! . Once she stopped crying and asked me a question : ” How do I look  ?” , I told her you look good , but why you are asking a question like this ? , She started crying again while telling me her story.

She told me that one day she came to School, like every day happy and full of energy, she met her friends and teachers, She was clever and brilliant so she always had the highest GPA in school. She was hungry so she decided to go and buy something to eat and suddenly she heard a group of boys and girls talking about her, They were Labeling her by ” The Ugly Nerd”, She felt her face   getting red with embarrassment, she didn’t want to cry in front of those people so she walked quickly before someone sees her, but unfortunately a boy sees her and finally he broke the ice by ” Hey there nerdy girl, are you getting fatter and uglier nowadays ? “. She told me that  she was mortified. She didn’t know what to say. She really wanted to cry, but she managed a little laugh like it didn’t bother her. But in fact it did. She told me every day from that point forward, when she looks at herself in the mirror. All she could see was that big fat ugly girl.

This story is an example for the dangerous of labeling each other, labeling often impact people for decades, So How many labels do we use in a day without conscious thought ? Have you ever asked yourself before labeling others “Why am I doing this?” or ” Would I like to be labeled or categorized ?”

If you asked me people feel terrible when you labeled them , Bullying is not funny and it won’t make you cool , Bullies can cause depression and depression causes suicide , Are you a murder ?

 A careless or tough word can shape or misshape someone’s reality for years to come , because the word is mightier than the sword and powerful than weapons.

Everyone is different in some way from someone else , just accept who you are and don’t forget only you can define yourself..take it from a duff.

By : Reem yasser

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